PV Assistant Guide

Never miss out on the amazing benefits of Essential Rewards with PV Assistant!

Why PV Assistant?

We know you’ll want to take advantage of all the Young Living monthly promos as well as make sure you hit your Essential Rewards monthly minimum. PV Assistant makes sure you always hit your monthly PV goals even if something in your regular ER order is out of stock at the last minute. It simply adds something from your list of basic favorites (lavender and lemon, anyone?) to get your minimum where it needs to be and you’re all set. You get to tell it what to put on your backup list and tell it what you want your minimum to be, so you’ll always get more of the Young Living items you need and love and never miss a promo.

If you are earning a check with Young Living, this is even more important. In order to earn your commissions, you need a 100 PV order each month (I still can’t believe that’s all it takes). PV Assistant will ensure you never fall below that and always receive that extra cash we all need!

Not signed up for Essential Rewards? Check out this guide.

How to set it up

Instructions for setting up PV Assistant
  1. PV Assistant can be found under the Essential Rewards menu inside Virtual Office at YoungLiving.com.
  2. To qualify for Essential Rewards, you must maintain a 50PV order each month. To qualify for commissions, a 100PV order is required. You can edit your PV goal here.
  3. Make sure PV Assistant is set to Active to meet your PV goal each month.
  4. You can use rearrange the items on your list to control the order in which they’re selected.

This will take you to Young Living’s Virtual Office.

What's Next?

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